These are the people that make it all happen:

Cindy Wiley is the proprietress of Side Dish Catering and Lottieville farms as well as the chef and head gardener. She sets the menus and sets the recipes, handles planting and harvesting at the Farm and decides the overall direction of the businesses. She also makes all of the delicious jams and preserves along with the canned vegetables.


Aaron Wiley is beekeeper, butcher, foreman and grill master at Side Dish Catering and Lottieville farms. He smokes all of the meats and peppers, butchers the pigs, builds the fences and barns, takes care of the bees and makes our savory BBQ sauces.

Alyssia and Belle are always willing to help out when they can. From assisting with the pigs and chickens, to pulling pork and prep work they help out when there is extra work to be done.


Family fun at home and on the farm!